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Tony Russo

Actor | Singer




A naturally shy kid, Tony Russo discovered early on
that performing was his way to connect with others. Voted class-clown in his 5th grade class, he strived to maintain the status and, of course, the applause. However, it wasn’t until middle school when he discovered the televised production of Phantom of
The Opera, 25th Anniversary that he vowed to become an actor.


As he transitioned into high school, Tony fell in love with performing in musicals and began voice lessons.

Tony is grateful and humbled for the incredible training he received during his time obtaining a BFA Acting from Marymount Manhattan College.
It was there where he discovered his potential and type. He enjoyed performing in new works, straight plays, and scene studies for his acting classes. Tony loves playing roles ranging from hopeless romantics to angry tyrants, as well as those in between.

His biggest influences are Freddie Mercury, William Shakespeare, and Stan Lee. Combined, they have taught Tony the importance of uniqueness and, above all else, that fortune does indeed favor the bold. Tony’s goal is to build a career that stretches across film, television, and theatre.




Don't wish for it. Work for it.

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